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Coolest Homemade Mariachi Costume

Halloween is a big thing for our family, we are always competing and this year I wanted something original for my 6 year old son. And since we are Mexican American I wanted to go with that theme that’s why the idea of a Homemade Mariachi Costume.

I got an old black suite from a thrift store. Glued on buttons (you can use silver or gold) on the side pants all the way down. He put on some boots and a Mexican sombrero hat. Then I drew on a mustache. He also carried his guitar and he looks like a Mariachi, every one who has seen this picture or who I’ve told about my idea laughs and says its so cute and original. They all love this idea he defintely will be the one kid who will stand out from the rest this Halloween and has a costume nobody has.

Its such a simple and easy costume to make. And it’s a costume everyone gets right!

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