Cool DIY Mad Hatter Costume

I made this Johnny Depp Mad Hatter Costume myself for Halloween. I bought a normal plain black hat from a costume shop. I made all the accessories from assorted items form hobby lobby. Then used my girlfriend’s old jacket which I cut off the collar and added some fabric from hobby lobby.

I made the spool chain by looping braided wire thru the spool holes and an old metal chain hot glued to the spools. The pants were purchased from a thrift store and cutoff and hemmed. Extensions were glued into my hair and colored hairspray used. I used old socks for gloves and cutup T-shirt with white medical tape to make the fingers. The bow tie was made from a regular tie I found at a thrift store along with a thrift store prom shirt with some lace sewn on the sleeves.

Homemade Mad Hatter Costume

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  1. This is a really good Mad Hatter. I was the white queen from the new Alice in Wonderland and had tons of Mad Hatters asking to get pictures with me, but yours is definitely the best.


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