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Coolest Homemade Livia from Xena Warrior Princess Costume

Here is a costume that originally was a store bought Spartan costume. I took it upon myself to modify it with extra material I had around the house.

I had to cut it down to size my daughter and also add some painted sandals to match. I used a beadazzler to add studs to the outfit and more swag to match the costume worn by the original actress. I had an official Xena sword replica to add to this homemade Livia from Xena warrior princess costume as well.

With a little makeup and a hair extension, I transformed my daughter Samantha into: ”Livia” the warrior of Rome… The resemblance was uncanny and she loved it. She’s already a Xena Warrior Princess fan and she played the part well.

I hope that the pic I used to compare her costume to the original will help viewers recognize who she is portraying. Enjoy! And comments are most welcome.

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