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Coolest Xena Warrior Princess Halloween Costume

I wanted to be Xena for Halloween because I had rediscovered the show on Netflix.  I sat and watched every episode for weeks.  I thought it would be fun to make my own Xena Warrior princess Halloween costume after looking forever for a store bought one.  I found brown vinyl on the clearance rack at the local fabric store and I saw it as a sign.  I bought it all just in case.

I had planned on making the corset but I am not that sewing savvy.  I made the skirt and added the metal grommets.  After pain staking  trying and wasting vinyl I decided to use a tube top and add the embellishments myself.  I used the vinyl to make the arm cuffs and the armor look to the top of the tub top.  I made the famous Xena weapon out of cardboard and wrapped it in aluminum foil and used gold paint to embellish.

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