Coolest Homemade Xena Warrior Princess Costume

My 4 year old is an avid Xena Warrior Princess fan. She wanted a Homemade Xena Warrior Princess Costume so I went to work making the costume using a 4 or 5 inch action figure as a model. I used some old dark brown nogahide that my Dad had left over from upholstering car seats, gold felt, gold sequins, and leather twine.

It took around 3 days to make and at least a dozen needles. I took an old pair of sandals and cut the tops off so that I could attach the nogahide pieces I had made for the boots. I had to use pliers to hold the needles as I attached the pieces to the sandal soles. I used black hook fasteners to attach the knee guards to the boots and the arm bands as well.

The body suit is laced with leather in the back for easy removal. I tried to be authentic and stick to the original design. Luckily, as no warrior can be without her famous chakram, I happened to have a mini version I had purchased from a previous Xena Convention. And as you can see, it fit perfectly.

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  1. It’s adorable, but… a 4-year old watching Xena? Not exactly a children’s TV-program, is it?

  2. Love the costume. And as for the previous comment. I’m glad you are raising your daughter to be a strong woman. Independent and loyal. Xena would be a great role model for any young girl.

  3. I’ve loved Xena since I was a kid in the 90’s, and would have killed for a costume like that when I was little. It looks great. Absolutely amazing. Love the chakram. You even some of the little details like the braid in the hair. And to the first poster, I happen to think Xena is an good role model, and there is nothing wrong with a 4 year old watching the show.

  4. I agree…girls should watch Xena..I am a HUGE Xena fan! I’ve never been fortunate enough to attend a convention but sure wish I could have. I watched when Hercules was created, then Xena was but an off shoot..what a great move! My son watched with me from the age of three and when he grew up, he was going to marry her..he even made me let his hair grow long like Hercules and went through a phase of calling him Hercules..of course he’s 18 now but he says Lucy Lawless is still hot and he’d marry her so good for you..raise your daughter to be independent and strong and love the costume!

  5. My 5 year old wants to dress up as Xena for next Halloween, not sure I have any naugahide hanging around though

  6. This is awesome, I wish I’d had this when I was little. Heck, I wish I’d have it now (but in adult size)! You did an amazing job. And Xena is indeed a wonderful role model.

  7. hi,luv it,my daughter is also nearly 4,and loves her heaps,kaitlyn is her name and i have been looking for a costume but they are all to big,could u possibly make us one 4 her birthday,it would mean the world to her,also do u know where to get the figurines also a neccessitty…thanks heaps kat…

  8. Wow! That costume is good! U should’ve made more u would’ve made a ton of money! I’m looking for one for my 3year old she loves Xena! Her mom show’s her the episodes she used to watch Xena herself as a kid in the early 90’s … They dont make good shows like anymore! And Xena is a good role model , gives girls a warrior hero too!

  9. i am a fourteen year old girl named xena and i think that it is cute of you to make her a costume of her favorite warrior thanks xena.

  10. My daughter loves Xena, too. And she keeps saying she want’s to be Xena this Halloween. She’s 37″ tall. I would love to buy it from you if you would consider selling it. I’m at peterjstathis(at)gmail.

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