Cool Homemade Lego Man Halloween Costume

This Homemade Lego Man Halloween Costume is by far our favorite. My husband is so handy. He created the Lego man head, from an idea that we found on the internet. But, we did change it a little to make it our own.

We took a sheet of foam and cut out several circles to have glued one on top of the other. Then he cut out 4 small circle to glue on top. He then hollowed out the stack of foam, after it dried. He then cut out the eye holes. He put a skim coat of drywall putty over it to make it smoother. The drywall putty also, protects the styrofoam from the paint. The paint will try to eat away at the styrofoam. We then painted it with a marigold spray paint. Then, painted the inside of the eyes with black.

We created the hands from a cylinder mail tube. He wore a red sweatshirt that I handpainted the Lego logo onto. We just bought black pants. We made square boots out of cardboard and painted them black. Everyone loved it. The head was the hardest part. It really wasn’t that hard. It was real fun to create.

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