Coolest Homemade Lego Couple Halloween Costumes

We were looking for a creative couples costume for a Halloween party when we came across the incredible Lego costumes on this site from last year. We decided to be the wrestler and cheerleader Lego Minifigures.

For this homemade Lego couple Halloween costumes we first started by using a caliper on an actual Lego figure to get the real dimensions. We used these specs to figure out the dimensions for our life-size Lego figures. From start to finish the whole project took us about a month to complete.

The chest, waist and legs were made from cardboard. Then we covered the cardboard in poster board to give it all a smooth finish. The heads were made from sheets of insulation, compliments of Home Depot. To make the heads we cut out circles for the tops and bottoms, sanded them down, and then connected the two ends with dowel rods. We used poster board to cover the middle of each head.

The hands were made from sheets of insulation as well, but we had to glue three pieces of insulation together for the proper thickness. To construct the cheerleader’s hair, we made a mold of the Lego head by covering it with expanding insulation foam. Once enough foam was added and dried, we shaped the hair by cutting off the excess with a saw.

After the bodies were constructed we painted on the images. We blew up pictures of the Minifigures and traced the images onto the bodies and faces. To complete our costumes we used a mixture of spray paint and acrylic paint. We used paints with a high gloss finish in order to mimic the look of a true Lego Minifigure.

After all of our hard work our homemade Lego couple Halloween costumes turned out great, and we won best couples costume at the party.

About Half Way Done with our Homemade Lego Couple Halloween Costumes

Tracing Away...

THE Hair for our Homemade Lego Couple Halloween Costumes

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  1. Hi! Very creative. Most proportional Lego costume I’ve seen. I was wondering if you would share and email me the dimensions.



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