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Coolest Homemade Laugh and Learn Puppy Costume

My 15 month old daughter, Alicia, is wearing her homemade Laugh and Learn Puppy costume, designed to look like the Fisher Price toy. She really enjoys this toy and likes pushing all the buttons to hear the songs.

I started with a used brown puppy costume and set about transforming it into the toy. I first made new ears out of blue felt and added the word EAR. I then created buttons for the hands and feet just like the real toy, and I labeled all the parts like HAND, FOOT, and TUMMY. One paw has a musical note for singing songs and, like any good toy, she has an OFF button on her foot. I also made the alphabet letter top using a toddler shirt pattern and created a 3-D button for the shirt using the top part of a glow stick.

A sweet toy come to life and ready to play!

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