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Coolest Homemade Lady Jigsaw Costume

For Halloween this year I wanted to be something very unique and not just some same old sexy police, or sexy Alice In Wonderland, I wanted to be something that no one else was. So when I was in Halloween Horror Nights, I tried on the Jigsaw mask because I love Saw and it hit me that I should create my own sexy Homemade Lady Jigsaw Costume!

I bought a corset top and a black tutu and a red bow tie so it could more or less look like a men’s tuxedo but in a sexy way. I wore the white gloves like Jigsaw wears, and I added fishnet stockings and red heels to add to the sexy look. I had a friend paint on the face like Jigsaw’s and I borrowed a red tricycle from my friend’s niece.

Then there it was!! I was a sexy Homemade Lady Jigsaw Costume! I haven’t seen this done before so I hope it is a hit!

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Lady Jigsaw Costume”

  1. Hi,
    I had the same mission this year and wish I had thought of your idea! Pretty cool (and it’s sexy but not skanky, which is good too!) Thanks, maybe I’ll do this next year :)

  2. Hi, your idea is AMAZING. It is so good and sexy without lookingover the top. My friend is having a fancy dress party – costumes from Films and this is the perfect idea. :)
    Thanks. Aha.


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