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Cool Homemade KISS Group Costumes

This year my friends and I dressed up as the band KISS.

We bought lots of faux leather and silver material as well as many studs. We used a lot of super glue and hot glue. Everything on the Homemade KISS Group Costumes were made by hand including Spaceman’s shoulder pads. After adding the face paint, a little hair-teasing and wigs, I think our attempt was pretty legit and we got a lot of positive reactions from the crowd.

One of my favorite bits of the costumes was on my costume: Gene Simmons. I had wings made out of black leather, connected to the side of my shirt and with black tights sewn onto the top of the wings. When I slipped the legs of the tights over my arms and spread them, I had some pretty impressive wings. I added some sparkles for a little extra touch too!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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