Coolest Homemade Jessica Rabbit Costume

I had wanted to be Jessica Rabbit for Halloween a couple years now, and decided to finally do it. All of the costumes I had seen online either weren’t flattering, or were completely unrealistic. Thankfully, my mother loves to help me get creative when it comes to costumes. We picked up sequined fabric, as well as a red liner fabric from Michael’s, and I ordered a red wig off of the internet, but one from the store will work perfectly too. Set it with curlers the night or two before to help create more of a glamorous look.

The dress was actually pretty simple to make. We fit the fabric to my body, and lined the inside of the sequin fabric so it wasn’t see-through. We also added an underwire to the top of the dress to keep the fabric from falling down. Lastly we added a strip of fabric around the top as a halter to keep the dress up. You can also sew bra cups inside the dress to give more of a “cartoonish” look, since Jessica Rabbit was very voluptuous. Don’t forget the purple gloves, purple eyeshadow, red lipstick and heels!

If all else fails, tap into your creative side, and you might even be able to come up with an even better idea for a Homemade Jessica Rabbit Costume!

Homemade Jessica Rabbit Costume