“I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way”
This  Jessica Rabbit costume was a “closet” costume. Created from pieces I had in my closet from previous costumes. The dress was donated to me, but it was completely modified. It was originally a tube top dress, but the front and back were redesigned to be like Jessica Rabbit’s gown.

Making the Jessica Rabbit Costume

In order for it to actually fit on, I used tape to fit into the dress. The hardest part about wearing the outfit is making sure all the tape is placed properly or it has to be done over again. My Jessica Rabbit costume also requires a second person to help me get it in place. Once the fashion tape is in place, it fits very well.

The overall cost of the costume was about $30. The time spent modifying the gown took about 3 hours.
Anyone can do this costume with a red dress, red heels, and purple gloves. I would not recommend using the tape method. Either use invisible straps or don’t have a full sloping back. A wig may be required depending on your hair type.

This costume is different than what I normally do, but others have reacted positively to my work on this garment and photo shoot. Many enjoyed the more natural look with the makeup and style. This is the first time I’ve temporarily dyed my hair for a character and it was fun! I think I will try it again with other characters in the future.

If I did this costume over again, I would choose a less tricky way of putting on the costume. It takes too long to put on and take off. The overall look is worth it, but comfort is also important!

The photos were taken by Sean Laine Photography and taken at Wonderland Studios.