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Cool Homemade Jellyfish Halloween Costume

This is our Homemade Jellyfish Halloween Costume for our daughter. We bought a foam hat from JoAnns, cut a ring of poster board out and attached it to the brim of the hat to extend its width. We then used a glue gun to attach, firstly, a layer of iridescent basket wrap, then secondly, a layer of lavender fabric from the wedding section selection of fabrics at JoAnn’s.

Once the back end was attached (a sort of pocket-shape), we stuffed it with iridescent Easter grass to make it brain-like, then went around the brim with the glue gun, securing the rest of the fabric to create the “jelly” part of the jelly fish. We then cut different lengths of various textures & colors of yarn and attached them to the brim with the glue gun. All in all, it took about an hour to make this.

We used the bottom sheet from a white twin bed sheet set and cut head & arm holes in it, then attached a sheer piece of lavender fabric over the sheet to create a “dead space” between tentacles and to cover up our child’s body. Then we pinned little stuffed fish to the “body”. It was a hit. She was told all evening long that she had the best costume ever!

 Jellyfish Halloween Costume

 Jellyfish Halloween Costume

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