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Coolest Homemade Iron Man Costume

My second Homemade Iron Man Costume which is the MKV, which is the Extremis armor from the comic book series. But this build is the movie version of the Extremis. Only a hand full of leaked photos. I decided to create the Very first MKV Extremis movie armor. taken to the children hospital and done some fund raising for homeless children and children with special need. enjoy.

Additional Info
Build material:
-High impact urethane plastic
-700+ rivet n washer used so far
-2 part resin “urethane” helmet.

Armor info
-Thigh completed v.1.0
-Shin’s Completed v.1.0
-Chest plate/piece completed v.1.0
-Abdominal area “super flex, move as i move” v.1.0
-Armored shoes
-shoulder bells
-Neck guard

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9 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Iron Man Costume”

  1. I would really appreciate it if you could give me some directions on how you went about making this costume. It looks great and my son would love to be iron man this year. Help!

  2. Hi

    Firstly WOW……..Amazing Work

    How much would this cost to make and would you be willing to make one to sell?




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