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Coolest Homemade Hocus Pocus Group Halloween Costume Ideas

It took quite a bit of studying of the movie for our Homemade Hocus Pocus Group Halloween Costume Ideas, but we tried to get every detail of the Sanderson sisters down to a tee and I think we were pretty successful.

The Sanderson sisters are from the Disney movie Hocus Pocus. My friends and I have loved this movie since we were little so it was only appropriate to dress as them. Each costume was compiled of thrift store finds that were tweaked and pieces from scratch.

Mary (left) had a skirt made from a thrift store find of two skirts with the right plaid pattern. I wanted a lot of volume so I combined the 2 and then sewed them to yet another skirt. I sewed on the purple apron and gold rings by hand to the bustier. For my hair I ratted the crap out of it then placed it in a high ponytail on the crown of my head. I wrapped some pieces of the ponytail around the base as well as some store bough extensions to add volume. To get the quirky twist I stuck a cut up coat hanger through the ponytail and formed it to the shape I wanted. I don’t have black hair so I got some temporary hair spray to add the finishing touch.

Winnie (center) had to be perfect. We started by buying and old prom dress, and an old green robe. The robe was huge so we altered it and added gold embellishments using glitter glue and ribbon. The collar was a piece of cardboard with extra fabric glued on to it then sewn onto the neckline. We hot glued ribbon to the dress to look like it was being laced up. On the bottom I added green fabric to the waist of the dress. Her hair and makeup was key and thankfully the girl dressing as Winnie had naturally long and think hair. She put it in sponge rollers the night before to get it more curly. We separated it into three sections, 2 on top and 1 in the back. We ratted each section thoroughly to get the right fizziness, and then simply put it into buns and pinned down loose ends. Her makeup was lots of blush and concealer on the lips where the lipstick wasn’t.

Sarah (left) was probably the simplest. We used an old skirt as a template and sewed the three different fabrics to it. We found a lace shirt at the store and put the red bustier over it.

The brooms were made from real twigs and sticks and the book was created from an old grocery bag and mini snakes painted silver and glued on.
It was a blast making and wearing them.

Homemade Hocus Pocus Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Homemade Hocus Pocus Group Halloween Costume Ideas

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Hocus Pocus Group Halloween Costume Ideas”

  1. We love the movie Hocus Pocus and started making these costumes, it’s a lot of work. You did a great job, and even have the expressions down. A+ girls, that’s the spirit!

  2. I was Mary so I don’t have the coat, but all we did was go to the thrift store and we were lucky enough to find an oversized green, velvet robe. I took in with some pleats in the back and then we just decorated it with glitter glue.

    Oddly enough there were several green velvet robes there when we went, so maybe you will have some luck.


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