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Coolest Homemade Head on a Grill Costume

I am the grill master in this Homemade Head on a Grill Costume. My sister-in-law is the head on the grill. The grill is a replica of a large Weber grill. The bottom is frame and covered with felt to keep the weight down. The top is made of wood with a clear plastic window to see in. The top does open and close.

The grates are made of closet shelving that are painted silver. Under the grates is charcoal with red lights to make it look hot. There is also a container in the front for water where dry ice is put in to make smoke. A few fake body parts are also thrown on the grill.

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Head on a Grill Costume”

  1. I did this for my costume. I used a real grill. We (dad and I) put wheels on the grill and cut a hole in the bottom of the grill (an old grill). I sat on a 5 gallon bucket and had my cousin as the butcher/griller. He wore a cook’s hat and coat with homemade blood everywhere… on him, the grill, and me. I had fake body parts that I bought from Dollar Tree on the grill and some in a bowl with blood. We took 1st place.


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