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Coolest Homemade Ghost of Christmas Past Costume

I was watching a movie and seen a preview for the new cartoon movie “A Chrismas Carol”, and it gave me the idea of a Homemade Ghost of Christmas Past Costume. My idea was to have a ghost outfit, with ornaments representing the different Christmas’s throughout the years, and somehow show each different year.

I purchased a ghost outfit, Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas lights, a Santa Clause hat, and Christmas garland. I took the ornaments and started pinning them all over the ghost costume with safety pins. I took the garland and strung it around the neck of the costume and safety pinned it.

Then I took a magic marker and started writing different years at each place I had put a Christmas ornament. I then took my Santa Clause hat and safety pinned it to the ghost mask, making the costume “a ghost of Christmas past.”

I spent around $30 all together on the costume.

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