Coolest Homemade General Grievous Costume

My son loves Star Wars. He thinks the coolest character is General Grievous. When Halloween rolled around, we tried to find a General Grievous costume for him, but all we saw were clones and Jedi. Nobody had an evil monster like this! I decided I had to make it myself.

The mask and light sabers are made of paper mache. The arms I made by cutting off the arms from a black sweater and hand stitching them to the underarms of another black sweater. I bought pillow stuffing and filled the arms so they would look more realistic, then I hot glued the skeleton gloves to the ends to keep all the stuffing inside. I attached a fishing line to the fake arms so they would move when he moved his real arms.

The shoulders, chest, arm and leg pieces are made of regular craft foam sheets. I could not match the color exactly so I had to paint the foam with the same color I sued to paint the mask. All the foam is hand stitched to the black shirt and pants. The cape was the easiest because I just sewed a red fabric to a black fabric and I added Velcro to the top corners and also his chest, that way the cape can be removed.

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  1. This is the best costume of General Grievous. Katiria is extremely creative, and did an excellent job with this costume. If it weren’t for the title I would never know it was homemade. Would you make some costumes for my girls, lol?


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