Coolest Homemade General Grievous Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade General Grievous Halloween Costume Idea

I decided to build General Grievous from Star Wars and this was my most challenging build ever! I got some pipes and parts and built the basic frame out of 1″ and 3″ ABS piping all bolted together with lag bolts. I built a custom 3″ ABS pipe hip axle that swivels in three spots … Read more

Coolest Homemade General Greivious Costume

Homemade General Greivious Costume

My grandson wanted a Homemade General Greivious Costume Star Wars for Halloween. I purchased a baseball cap, modge podge glue, foam sheets, paint, black top and pants, light sabers and gloves. I used newspaper squares and glued them to the baseball cap for the mask. After several layers, I added Styrofoam cups for the “ears” … Read more

Coolest Homemade General Grievous Costume

Homemade General Grievous Costume

My son loves Star Wars. He thinks the coolest character is General Grievous. When Halloween rolled around, we tried to find a General Grievous costume for him, but all we saw were clones and Jedi. Nobody had an evil monster like this! I decided I had to make it myself. The mask and light sabers … Read more