Coolest Homemade Exorcist Costume

I wanted to make a unique costume that people would recognize, but would stand out from the crowd. I love Alfred Hitchcock so I went with the Exorcist this year. I’m a blonde so no one knew it was me.

I took a cheap polyester night gown and dumped chunky split pea soup down the front, as well as some blood. I got a wig cut/ironed it. I got dead purple and black makeup around my eyes and then applied a prosthetic forehead with spirit gum for a more demented look. Then I added liquid latex to give my face some texture. I mixed green and white makeup to a split pea color. Add coagulated blood for effect.

I attached wounds to my arms and applied makeup. Add some white ties to your arms to seem like you were strapped down. I carried around a bucket with split pea soup and dipped my finger in it while licking it… to gross people out!

A little about me… Halloween is my favorite Holiday. My house is the favorite on in our housing community. I’m a beauty school drop out that loves makeup. I’m self taught on the effects side and love to shop for my Halloween outfits at the Goodwill.

I have yet to lose a Costume Contest.

My son is one of my victims… he is 17 and still likes to dress up. He doesn’t like doing it for the candy anymore, but if he gets a slammed door in his face he takes it as a compliment. I’ve been told that I missed my calling. One day my dream will come true to be a special effects makeup artist for thrillers.

Have Fun!!


Cheap Polyester Night Gown (sears)
Split Pea soup (local grocery store)
Woochie Makeup (Party City)
Woochie Spirit Gum (Party City)
Coagulated blood (Party City)
Prosthetic forehead (vampire one works)
Arm Straps- (old t-shirt)

Exorcist Costume

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  1. OMG! I have never been scared of anything but her. You did an amazing job, enough to make a 45 year old have nightmares!

  2. Two years ago I went as the same costume and my husband went as a priest with green globs of food coloring and flour all over his robe. Your makeup is AMAZING! I had the scars and some latex but no where near as good as yours. This year I’m going as a witch and I have a nose and chin to spirit gum on. Do you have any tips on how to blend it and make it look real??? Thanks…

  3. great job! where’d you get the mask?
    this is one of the creepiest costumes!
    PS: i love Alfred Hitchcock as well but he didn’t direct the exorcist!

  4. I’m answering some question you all had on my Exorcist costume.

    I’m not wearing a mask. Basically it’s a vampire latex forehead, liquid latex, latex wounds, and makeup. I blended the makeup (witch green/white) to get the right split pea soup color.

    If I can be any help, feel free to ask here and I’ll comment back :-)

    Happy Haunting!!


  5. I’m doing the same thing this Halloween. Only the Halloween party is my father’s wedding and everyone is required to dress up. Should be interesting to see the reactions! Great Job

  6. You did an amazing job on this costume – I agree with the others who say you missed your calling. You should def. do special effects makeup!

  7. Can you reuse the vampire forehead and wounds?

    I would like to try them out beforehand to make sure it looks right, but I don’t want to have to buy everything twice.



  8. Yes, the Woochie or Cinema Secrets latex appliances are reusable. I’ve actually used them for other costumes to get a demented look.

    Happy Haunting!


  9. Omg your great at make up! I am going to do something like this for my Halloween party but it probably wont be close to how great yours looks! good job

  10. VERY cool. I’ve been searching for an Exorcist mask and have had no luck. After seeing your results — I’m inspired to make my own. Thank for list where you purchased your products.

    Nice job and hope to see more.

    Hartford, CT

  11. Love this!! I hate the cheesy, “sexy” costumes women feel the need to wear (sexy nurse, hot cop, etc. All vinyl, store-bought crap). Halloween should be SCARY! I got the idea to go as Regan from a friend and my boyfriend will be the priest. Taking some of your ideas, too.

    Thanks for keeping the spirit of Halloween alive!

  12. You are brilliant! I agree about some women who only want to be cute/sexy for Halloween. Scary is right! Save the sexiness for valentines!

    Great Costume, DIY!

  13. This is the coolest costume I have ever seen. You have inspired me to give it a try this Halloween. I was wondering if you had to apply anything to your face before applying all the makeup and such to prevent irritation and whatnot.

  14. Your makeup is amazing! I have never used liquid latex before and I think what you have done with it is fabulous! Could you give a little explanation of how you used it to create your look and some tips for first-time users? It would be greatly appreciated!

    ( =

  15. Answering: “What is the best way to blend your makeup?”
    To obtain the color I?m looking for I always start with a pallet of different makeup colors. With The Exorcist makeup I went with white and a dark green. I kept adding green to the white makeup until I got (what I like to call) a “split pea” color. I always think less is more, as you can always add makeup. I use makeup sponges, q-tips, paint brushes and my own fingers to blend in the makeup in. I think makeup is more realistic when it has texture and dimension to it. I usually do a dry run, especially if I?m using prosthetics. This way I can assure it fits and doesn?t need to be cut to fit my face. Plus, less stress on your big day!! Besides, the prosthetics always look better when they have a second layer of makeup for a meatier textured look.
    Happy Haunting!!


  16. I’m actually going for the same costume. I’m going to have my boyfriend help me since he is pretty creative how long does the exorcist look take to be pulled together? By the way AMAZING job I’m glad someone finally wants to look scary and demonic.

  17. The night before your big costume debut, moisturize your skin really well. I do this because the makeup and latex is very drying to your skin. And let?s face it, who wants their face to look like old boots the next day?! lol

    Before you do anything wash your face with a gentle cleanser?if you don?t the spirit gum and the prosthetics will not stick to your skin. Attach any prosthetics to your face with spirit gum. !!Warning!! don’t go cheap on the Spirit Gum…if you do or it’s old it won’t stick properly. It will be gummy and you will have to play with it to get it to stick and it’s flesh with your skin. You could also apply gauze, leaves, paper towels/toilet paper or something that will give you more texture.

    Then apply latex with a sponge with a sponge. Do not apply it to any area with hair it will rip it out upon removal like a bad wax job. You can put cotton or something over your eyebrows with spirit gum if needed. Once it dries you can apple another layer or just put on your makeup. If you use liquid latex, do make sure you have latex remover…as it can rip off your face off.

  18. You did an outstanding job with this costume. I think the “Exorcist” is still the scariest movie of all time. I wanted to go as Reagan, but I don’t think I could have done it justice like you did. All I can say is AWESOME!!!

  19. Ello, I see you’ve done an outstanding hella fantastic job. Not many ppl have a steady hand. So KUDOS! I’m going to be Reagan for this year and entering a Contest which I’m super oober excited about! :) Again great Work! And same here someday I would like to be a makeup artist for special effect and what not. I see you did not wear contacts either.. hmm

  20. What a totally awesome job you did! You are my inspiration this year to try and do justice to the ‘Exorcist’ as you have done!

    I also am sick and tired of all the sexy Halloween costumes you see advertised this time of year – like someone else posted, save it for Valentines. I mean seriously, what’s so creative about a costume where half your boobs hang out?

    Let’s hear it for more women rising to the occasion and dressing up in the spirit of what I believe Halloween is supposed to be.

    Happy Hauntings

  21. Awesome job! Make your dream a reality got to Douglas School in Monessen PA. Learn more from the greatest Tom Savini.

  22. I am really scarred for that girll.. I’m 12 and i saw the movie when i was 9 and i have still nightmares, with Halloween Im gonna dress my self that way

  23. This is so cool! Except, I’m wondering how your love of Hitchcock has anything to with the “The Exorcist” because it was not done by him. Great costume though. :) A bit too green in the face, but still great!

  24. You look fantastic, this is so going to be my outfit for this year. I live in the uk and have allways loved halloween, i allways decorate my house and garden even been in the local paper! we get so many people coming to look at the house it allways looks fantastic even if i do say so myself!! :) I would love to come to America for halloween!! maybe one day…

  25. Hello,

    My daughter who is 9 wants to be Regan. My issue is that she is allergic to latex. Do you know if the latex stuff you used is made with other ingredients that does not contain latex and if so do you think it will hold for a period of time?

  26. I found a gown at Kmart. It’s not blue, but any long sleeve, granny gown will work. I found a pink one.. just throw pea soup and blood and dirt all over it and go with it. Found the mask, if you don’t want to deal with makeup at Halloween City or anywhere online. I’m doing makeup though..I think it looks more realistic !! Happy Halloweening everyone !!! You did a great job on the makeup. I hope to be able to do mine up good. Wish me luck :)

  27. I’ve been researching different ways to do my makeup like Reagan. This is the best I’ve seen! I always wanted to be a special effects makeup artist also.Maybe it’s not too late!, I’ll see how I do on my own first! You did an amazing job and would love to see other costumes you have done. If the woman who asked about the latex and allergies is reading this. I would not chance it. I’m allergic to latex too and if your daughter is anything like me,she’ll have a reaction. Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone and thanks for the tips!

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