When trying to think of a Halloween costume, I thought of the movie E.T and decided that an E.T Costume would be a really fun costume. I began looking online and couldn’t find anywhere to buy an E.T mask. So I decided to make one myself.

I printed out a picture of ET and did some rough measurements to guide me. I used paper mache around a large punching balloon. After the first few layers were dry, I then used bags and tape to build up areas where it needed to be higher (around the mouth, nose, eyes, etc) and covered that in more paper mache, allowing time for it to dry. Once it was dry, I cut holes for the nostrils (which would be my eye holes) and the mouth. I did small strips of paper mache to fix up these areas. After everything was dry and it was the shape I wanted, I painted it. I then used a glue gun to glue elastics onto the inside so it would stay on my head. I bought a cheap white tablecloth to use as a sheet, and used Velcro strips on both the mask and the sheet so it would stay together.

For the box, I simply glued the paper strips onto the box and used suspenders to hold it up. The gloves were not my favourite since I did them last minute but I just cut two pairs of gloves and glue gunned the fingers from one pair onto the other pair to make long fingers.