I actually made/wore this Energizer Bunny Costume several years ago to work – won first prize! I already had the pink warm up suit which happened to have a hoody on it (a pink sweatsuit would work well too!) Bought the ears and bunny tail, which I safety pinned on to my back end (sorry, no photo of) from a costume store ($7-$10?).

The entire drum set up (drum & sticks) were purchased from a crafts store except for the strap around my neck – this was a camera strap my husband happened to have lying around the house. The drum is a hat box (so it’s hollow inside & lightweight) wrapped around both edges with blue painters tape we had at home. The zig-zag lines were painted on with fabric paint and the logo taken off the internet -printed on 1 sheet of standard-sized paper, enlarged and glued on. The sticks is one dowel rod sawed in half with Styrofoam balls painted red and stuck on to the ends. I had some pink socks on and, of course, flip-flops for my shoes. Threw on a pair of sunglasses and was good to go!

BTW, was VERY comfortable at work for the day! Total cost about $30 (which is what I won back I think).