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Coolest Homemade Dunkin’ Donut Costume

I needed a really cool costume for school because it was our spirit/homecoming week and I wanted to have the best costume! I had no ideas so I started looking through my closet when I came across my Tim Duncan jersey.

I LOVE basketball, but instead of being just another “basketball player” I decided to get creative! My mom and I bought some felt and pillow stuffing and made a Donut for me to wear around my waist. AKA Homemade Dunkin’ Donut Costume!

To make the donut we traced a circle using an inner tube. Sounds funny, but it worked! Then we sewed the two pieces together and stuffed the donut with pillow stuffing, For the icing, I freehanded a “squiggly circle” in pink and I made little sprinkles out of different colored felt.

To complete the costume, I dressed like any basketball player would: Tim Duncan jersey (which added to the “Duncan Donut” joke), basketball shorts, long socks, basketball shoes, and a headband that i wrote “Dunkin’Donut” on (just for those “not so smart” people at school!) I even carried around a small basketball to add to the costume.

Everyone at school LOVED my creative and funny costume. I got first place out of the whole school and even wore it to the football game where I play in the band! There I received many compliments as well!

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