Coolest Homemade Dry Bones Costume

My son wanted a Homemade Dry Bones Costume from the Mario Games this year. Since they don’t sell one in the store, I had to get crafty! We started with a black sweat shirt and sweat pants and hot glued bones from the dollar store to make the body. The shell we made out of a football serving tray flipped over that we hot glued Styrofoam pieces all over. The eyes are Styrofoam cutouts again glued onto a winter hat stuffed with newspaper to make it stand up.

The mouth we made out of white kid visors from Michale’s craft store and glued them onto the hat, along with black felt for the nose. I also cut up a few visors for the teeth and glued them on as well. We finished the look with a pair of white gloves.

To attach the shell, we used some elastic bands and glued and staples them on, so the shell can be put on like a coat and is removable.

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  1. I love this idea! I’ve been trying to get my son to be something besides Mario since I’m sure everyone will be them since they’re so popular. He liked the idea of being Dry Bones, I can’t wait to start making it, thanks!


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