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Cool Homemade Ninja Turtles Group Costume

Last year we went as a group to our law school’s Halloween party. We were the Ninja Turtles Group Costume, complete with their villain Shredder, sidekicks Casey Jones & April O’Neil, and their Master Splinter.

Create a Turtle:

Back Shell- This was the toughest project. We made backing for the shell by cutting housing Styrofoam in an oval shape. We created what looked like a pillow to slip this in out of fabric with angled edges. We stuffed the shells with newspaper and stuffing purchased from the fabric store. Finally, we used a staple gun to staple the shell fabric to the Styrofoam. We poked holes in the fabric and Styrofoam and strung the string through for the portion that connected the shell onto our backs.

Dresses- We created these by buying material and sewing them ourselves. Tube dresses are easy to do if you have a sewing machine and basic skills. Instead of putting in zippers in the back, we used Velcro, because it was easier and the shell hid all traces of it underneath.

Front shell- This was a darker piece of fabric cut into an oval, and 4 light fabric sections cut into smaller pieces and stuffed with the same stuffing used for the back shells.

Eye Masks, Arm, and Leg Bands- We each purchased 1 yard of fabric in our color and created and cut the eye holes to each of our liking.

A bet was created using a piece of dark brown fabric.

Belt Buckle- These were created using a piece of Styrofoam cut in a circle, covered in aluminum foil, and a permanent marker was used to add the initial. Individual weapons were purchased off the internet

Create a Shredder- (BUY TONS OF ALUMINUM FOIL)

Outfit- The shirt is a cut of t-shirt from Wal-Mart, as well as black sweatpants.

Cape- This cape was made by hemming the edges of a piece of fabric and Velcro-ing the top part.

Shredder Helmet- Created using a baseball helmet turned backwards- then molding aluminum foil onto it. We used gorilla glue and clamps to secure it until it had dried.

Arm Spikes- These were created using the same Styrofoam that we used for the Shell Backing and covered in aluminum foil. They were glued onto a piece of cardboard covered in aluminum foil, and then secured to the arms with string.

Shredder Mask- This was created using a bug spray mask covered in aluminum foil.

Create a splinter:

Robe- We used a Hugh Hefner robe from a costume store turned inside out. Fur was pined to the front of it to give the appearance of being ‘rat-like.’

Tail- The tail for splinter was created using a piece of the fur, as well as sewing it shut and shoving aluminum foil down in it. Aluminum foil gives more of a bounce than regular stuffing does. This tail was sewed onto a belt that was cut and hidden under the robe.

Homemade Ninja Turtles Group Costume

Homemade Ninja Turtles Group Costume

Homemade Ninja Turtles Group Costume

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