This Homemade Dr Jonathan Crane AKA The Scarecrow Costume is an adaptation of several different versions of this popular Batman villain.

The straight jacket and mask were modeled on those seen in the films “BATMAN BEGINS” and “THE DARK KNIGHT”. The syringe-glove look was taken from the new video game “BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM”, and the weapons and pants were taken from the traditional Scarecrow look from the comics and cartoons.

The straight jacket was made using a large canvas and several black belts, and was sewn together from scratch. The mask was sewn out of burlap, also from scratch. The glove was made using sheet metal, thick burlap, brown cotton gloves, irrigation tubing, PVC piping and cosmetic syringes, along with various glues and spray paints.

The only thing NOT handmade or modified on this costume is the shirt, tie, and boots. The pants were corduroys, purchased and then stitched with thick white twine.

A lot of work was put into this costume and it received overwhelming praise.