I wanted to try my hand a creating a decent Scarecrow from the Batman Arkham Asylum games. I started with stripping the leather from 3 different leather couches. I wanted to keep the build as low cost as possible.

The mask is made using Crayola model magic and bandages that I had painted on using a 1/2 paint 1/2 glue wash mixture. I used thermal plastic to mold the teeth, and some old jar lids to build the respirator.

The rest of the costume is stitched together using patchwork pieces from the 3 couches, and then over 450 hand stitched twine stitches to really make the seams stand out.

The injector glove was build from several different diameters of PVC piping, some pipe brackets and 3 small LED flashlights built into the chambers.  The “toxin” inside is hand sanitizer mixed with neon orange printers ink.

The whole build  took roughly 80 hours to create, and cost me around $35.00, half a pint of blood and a few stitches. (be careful when cutting your leather folks. one slip and this costume nearly cost me a whole lot more)