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Original Glowing Scarecrow Costume from Batman Arkum Asylum

1st off…let me tell you I had NO clue what this scarecrow was. With lots of searching, well I got pics, but no real help. So I got my creative mind going! Off to the hospital, Goodwill, Menards, Meijers…..you name it I was there looking around thinking, probably looking like a crazy woman. But I was a woman on a mission, to make the costume my 7 yr old wanted.

Mission: Make a kick an original glowing Scarecrow Costume from Batman Arkum Asylum for my son out of all these strange things…aahhhhhh, I hope I can do this!

Note to everyone out there on a budget. Don’t buy fabric at the craft store, unless its something strange. You will find just about everything you need at Goodwill!

What I bought:

  • Brown sheet (I was REALLY surprised I actually found a brown sheet at Goodwill) ~ any dark brown fabric would do!
  • Find any kind of brown colors and fabric to make patches, preferably in VERY large sizes ~ I found girls leggings a couple sizes too big for my 7yr old, this costume called for baggy pants. A girls brown shirt size 10-12. Boys brown shirt 10-12. Ladies small long sleeve shirt in the lightest color I could find that was close to skin color. Ladies suit jacket in a burlap like color. Brown belt, nothing fancy.
  • Cream colored yarn. (I only had white, but I used tea to stain it)
  • Hardware store things ~ PVC that would fit over my son’s hand. Clear tubing, small and 1in. Caps for the end of the 1in. tubing. Silver spray paint. Shoe glue and liquid nails.
  • Meijer ~ Chrome duct tape. 6inch glow sticks. Food coloring. Cheap mask.
  • Hospital ~ 4 Syringes just the plastic!
  • Pepsi cans

The outfit was pretty easy, I put it together the best way I knew how.  And the good thing is it was all about how I wanted it and not how it has to be. The mask wasn’t to hard.  Glued stuffing of any kind (I used scraps of the fabric I used) to the mask to make the face look more real. Glued the burlap in a few places around the mask, to get an idea of how the face would look. Hand stitched with yarn a few times to make it look scary and left the back of the fabric flowing down, it was going to be hidden under the hood anyways.  I cut 2 pepsi can bottoms and left little tabs around it so I could glue those to the mask. Spray painted and glued them to the mask.  The mouth, just used black yarn and hand stitched some strands from the top to the bottom kind of like teeth.

The glowing hand, was filled with lots of trial and error.  I glued the tip of the syringes (so no liquid would come out) and so I could put on the small tubing to look like needles.  Filled the syringes with colored water and then glued a stopper in it along with the fingers of the gloves.  Glued small tubing from the bottom of the syringes to the PVC on the wrist.  Glued 1 inch tubing to each end of the large PVC, and pushed in glow sticks in each one.  I glued the heck out of everything to make it stick and then used my trusty chrome duct tape and taped everything to make it look like metal & to hide all the glue!

The one thing I wanted to make sure was that the larger glow sticks on the arm could be taken out and replaced with new ones.  We went to a couple of Halloween parties.

With many sleepless night the finished product turned out great in my son eyes!

Original Glowing Scarecrow Costume from Batman Arkum Asylum

Original Glowing Scarecrow Costume from Batman Arkum Asylum

Original Glowing Scarecrow Costume from Batman Arkum Asylum

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