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Coolest Homemade Dog Costume – Knight and his Horse

I thought of the idea of a Dog Costume – Knight and his Horse for Halloween. It worked out just great cause a dog’s body is almost like a horse. I just had to come up with how I was going to make her (Mia) look like one. So this is what I did and she won the 2009 Halloween contest at Petsmart and contest at Petco. MIA was very good with the costume. I had been dressing Mia since she was a little puppy.

I got a black piece of material, cut out the horse shoes out of felt and hot glued them on. The real trick was coming up with making the knight. I got a sock monkey and cut his tail off and sewed the opening. My friend got some cardboard and made the armor, and the leg armor was paper towel rolls. After putting the whole thing together I was really amazed at how good she looked.

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