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Coolest Homemade Dead Bride Costume

I was a Bridal Consultant, in a past life. After 3 divorces it was much simpler to kill the gown instead of the groom and so that is what i did .

I began with a lovely Bridal dress from a resale shop the cost was 25.00 and I created my own statement with such .

First, I removed the huge horrendous, puffy sleeves and made it a strapless gown. The next task was to sew the satin ribbons to the top of the dress so it would stay up on a hanger and on me!

Then the real fun began with this Homemade Dead Bride Costume. I shredded the hemline with a sharp pair of scissors and hand tore the rest of the hemline to cause a ragged, just dragged through the grave yard effect (which was totally lovely!).

I smoked the hemline, set it on fire with an aim and flame, one shred at a time !

NOW the bridal gown is beginning to really look like something quite eerie. I painted it with a flat grey spray canned paint in select places accenting the shredded strips. This added an old and moldering look. The next layer of paint was a smoked matte black that added to the realistic Burnt Bride effect.

I have walked through fire in my marriages and I want the gown to reflect my experiences as a survivor.

I added a glow in the dark paint in select places to show off the black lighting in my haunted bridal chamber in the local haunted house. I added an lovely lavender crushed velvet cape and other satin ribbon lavender accents throughout the ensemble.

I shredded the matching veil and added sequins and lavender tulle ribbon and pearl grey side sprays. Smoked the tulle, you must be very be careful because tulle melts fast! Don’t do this without adult supervision and have a water source nearby.

I hung my costume from a tree outdoors then set it on fire, much to the curiosity of my neighbors.

I added layers of spray paint in grey black and glow paint to match the dress to the headpiece, and it was the best one I have created so far. Each year I recreate a new Bride of Death Costume and it satisfies my need to kill the dress once again, but in a such a lovely way !

The Costs Came to :

The Veil – 4.00 resale
Bridal dress – 25.00 resale
extra tulle in lavender – 2.50
lavender ribbon – 2.oo
white satin ribbon to lace up the back – 4.00
white gloves – 1.00 yard sale
full slip – 5.00 salvation army thrift
paints – 10.00 hobby lobby
hoop slip 3.00 resale
pearl sprays – 6.00
bouquet 5.00 resale and i fixed it up

$ 47.50 total and it is mine forever !

makeup by Bloody Mary and hot topics
about 25.00

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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