Coolest Dead Bride Costume

I used my own bridal wreath with veil and (silk flower) bouquet from 1990 and found the dress at the local AmVets. The rest is ‘accident’ makeup with plexiglass shards of glass for the face, and neck, one fallen false eyelash, ripped panty hose, plenty of scars and pinned to one shoulder a cardboard banner wishing ‘Best Wishes to the Bride and Groom’, previously charred with a lighter. Also strands of broken ribbon, and fake blood everywhere. Finally fake tire tracks across the back of the gown which I made with black fabric paint and a trimmed sponge in a tire pattern.

It was easy to find ‘bride’ costume jewelery, dipping it in fake blood as necessary. I concentrated a lot of the injuries to one side, even filing my nails jaggedly on one hand, scuffing up the polish – the other hand was still beautifully manicured and painted.

I brought my own plastic champagne glass and drank out of it all night. Basically I found a use for a lot of my own wedding accessories for this Homemade Dead Bride Costume.

Homemade Dead Bride Costume

Homemade Dead Bride Costume

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