Coolest Homemade Dark Knight Batman Costume

This is my entirely homemade 2009 Dark Knight Batman costume. The main materials used in the
making of this costume are paper, fiberglass
and aluminum.

The cowl is a paper base that is siliconed together with several layers of fiberglass resin to make the cowl hard. It is finished with bondo and a latex flat black paint. The gauntlets are made of fiberglass with the fins being made of aluminum and ground down to replicate the shape of the actual ones from the movie.(They are also
razor sharp.)

The breastplate and shoulder-guards are made in the same manner as the cowl. The belt is made of two children’s batman belts joined together that I purchased from a yard sale and painted the actual gold color used in the movie. I also made a
folding aluminum batarang that is, unfortunately, not shown in the photo. There are also 8 small non-folding batarangs that attach to the belt along with the 1 large batarang.

There is a pair of sweatpants with the leg armor attached to them using silicon.(Armor is made in the same manner as the cowl with the addition of certain pieces being made of false leather.)

Boots are standard black steel-toe work boots with foam padding extensions(that go upwards to the knee)wrapped in leather. All the pieces are attached to a sport mesh. I wear an Under Armor shirt under the costume. Hope you enjoy.

Batman Costume

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  1. Hi. I love this costume and just have to try to get a hold of you again. I don’t want to freak you out or anything so I’m not gonna try contacting you again after this. But please email me whether or not you’d be interested in doing some modeling in this costume – Sydpart2[at]

  2. hey bro i am very interested in a batman costume like yours??? i was wondering if you would be able to make me one exactly like yours i would of course pay you for all your trouble please let me know if your interested in making me one and we will arrange something yes? awesome costume bro wow…

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