Coolest Homemade Cyndi Lauper Kids Costume

My 4 year-old daughter is a big “Just Dance” fan on the Wii, so she chose a Homemade Cyndi Lauper Kids Costume as her Halloween costume. I found a layered skirt on clearance, and added embellishments from ribbons and stick-on jewels to it. I got the vest for $.99 on eBay, and I bought the shirt for $5 brand new. She is also wearing pink leggings and matching socks, with a pair of black shoes I found at Goodwill for $2.

I added ribbon and lace to a plain headband, the earrings are clip-ons from parts I found at a hobby store, and the various necklaces were all either bought on clearance, at Goodwill, or made from beads we had at home. She is also wearing a black bow belt and a silver belt that were bought as a set brand new, and our dog’s training collar as a belt, affixed with a twist-tie. She is wearing lots of bracelets and bangles that had to be tied together with an elastic string, and then tied to her elbow so they wouldn’t fall off.

I braided her hair the morning of and let it dry for 5 hours. I took the braids out, combed her hair over her part, and clipped it down. I then sprayed it with pink and yellow spray color. She is also wearing pink eyeshadow, red lipstick, and actually allowed me to put on blue fake lashes.

I spent under $25, which compares to the price of many store-bought costumes, but looks so much better!!

Homemade Cyndi Lauper Kids Costume