Awesome DIY Cruella Deville Costume

This Homemade Cruella Deville Costume is my best costume so far. I took an old black dress (they’re always good for something) and sewed faux fur around the edges and painted on black spots. I bought a long string of fake pearls and borrowed the white gloves. I also made the cigarette holder by painting a paint brush black and white.

I added the red belt, red shoes, and a stuffed Dalmatian. I found the stuffed dog at the last minute which was great. As far as the rest of my costume, I used black and white colored hairspray after teasing my hair really big. Then, I applied white makeup for my face and blackened my eyebrows. I also added huge black and red fake lashes and red lipstick.

Of course that night I went around showing my teeth and making Cruella faces (especially at Cinderella, who is not in the picture). My friend on the right was a flapper.

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