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Cool Homemade Cruella Deville Costume for a Man

I am currently enrolled with an internship at Disney World in Florida, so I thought that for this year’s Halloween I’d stick with a Disney theme! After deciding to be Cruella, I had to figure out a way to make her come to life.

The wig was originally an Einstein wig that I teased and sprayed half black. The dress was originally from a French Maid costume I had worn a few years back, I just took the lace off of the bottom and cleavage of the dress. To be honest, the hardest part of putting together the costume was making the giant Dalmatian scarf.

I took a plain white bath rug from Walmart and cut it in half. I sewed the two halves together long ways ans sewed the ends together so that all was left was the white fur. I took a piece of paper and made a stencil of Dalmatian dots, and spray painted spots along the entire rug. The last step was that I sewed a feather boa onto the top of the rug where I had sewed it together, which covered up the part that I sewed together giving it a more finished look.

The shoes were bought at a costume shop, but were originally white. They were spray painted red to go with the rest of the Homemade Cruella Deville Costume.

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