Coolest DIY Crayola Crayon Costume

My daughter told me last Spring that when Halloween comes around, she wants to be a crayon. A crayon? Yes a Crayola crayon. With some thought, a plan, and lots of school glue, her Homemade Crayola Crayon Costume is a reality.

About 8 sheets of lime green bristol board from the dollar store, a bottle of glue, some cardboard lying around the house and a permanent black marker and of course a little patience. It really stands out and the best thing about it is because it’s bright green, you can’t miss it in the dark. The entire costume cost me about 6 dollars to complete whatever height you want. With the costume on, my daughter is about 7 feet tall

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  1. I know,I know. I sound desperate but this is the best crayon costume I think I have ever seen and I’ve been looking for about a week! I would love it if someone helped me, is Bristol board the same thing as poster board? also, can you buy cardboard somewhere? and lastly how do you make the cone for the head?

  2. bristol board is the same as big colored sheets of paper. It is at the dollar store, I ended up painting ours because the color wasn’t available. The hat is made like a cone or bithday hat. make a pie shape that will go around the head, and either bobi pin it in or elastic under the chin. Good luck

  3. I love that costume, but is it very difficult to sit and move around in, or put on and take off? I got around that issue when I made my spider costume (number 13 in the “spider” section on this site) by wearing a black tank top underneath the shirt that I attached the spider legs to, so I could take off my spider legs when I thought they’d get in the way; for example, when I went through the haunted house that my friend Lili had set up.

  4. It was a little difficult to get in and out of and I had to shorten it because when she tested it out my daughter had a hard time with stairs but once she was in it, she had no other problems. I also put a support inside it so the costume actually rested on her head. It was by far the best costume of the night. Was stopped by at least 20 people who wanted to take photo’s of it. The following year I made her a Lego block costume which also turned out great.

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