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Coolest Homemade Couple Zombie Costume

We decided to try to create homemade couple zombie costumes this year. We expanded on it by going as a Zombie Bride and Groom. We picked up a wedding dress and suit at a local thrift shop for less than $45.00. We also found some liquid latex, basic paint kits and fake blood at a Halloween shop for about $30. To finish off the costume we ordered some Zombie contacts online for $20 a set. These really make a huge difference.

To start, we cut small holes in the dress and suit and ripped them. We stained the clothes with black paint, brown paint and fake blood. We made sure that the fake blood was always placed next to any rips or tears.

Next we applied the liquid latex with small strips of toilet paper to give our faces a rough texture. Using a gray and white paint mixture, we blended in the color to hide the differences between our skin and the liquid latex. Small rips in the latex were made and fake blood added for effect. A tooth fx paint was used for our teeth and some fake blood.

Using a stipple sponge, we lightly added some dark shadows and bruising on our faces. This was our first time playing around with latex and paint and it was much more simple than we expected.

We were very happy with how our homemade couple zombie costumes came out!

Homemade Couple Zombie Costume

Homemade Couple Zombie Costume

Homemade Couple Zombie Costume

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