Part 1 – Spoon Hat and Ice Cream:

To begin making my Chunky Monkey costume, I found a hoodie hat at the thrift store and covered it with silver fabric that I had on hand. I created the spoon handle with silver fabric, foam, and a wire hanger. I made the ice cream poncho from our old pillowcases and attached brown craft foam as the chocolate chunks and pieces. I painted Great Stuff foam as the walnuts and stuffed the ends of the pillowcases with 2 half-rings of hardened Great Stuff foam.

Part 2 – Ice Cream Carton:

For my container, I bought a heavy duty trash can from Lowe’s, and my husband cut off the top portion and a hole in the base for me. I glued (with decoupage glue) canvas (a painter’s drop cloth that I had on hand) around the trash can and primed it. I sketched out the images for the carton and stayed up all night the night before Halloween to paint it (with acrylic craft paint). I used Sharpie markers as well for some of the text.

I scanned an ice cream carton and printed the pictures of Ben and Jerry as well as the ice cream, nuts, and chocolate, and then I decoupaged (glued) them on. The lip of the carton is a pool noodle covered with fabric that I attached with more hot glue. I wore it with suspenders from the thrift store.