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Coolest Homemade Chuck from Pushing Daisies Halloween Costume

About 3 days after the amazing TV show Pushing Daisies was forever canceled, I discovered it. It was a bittersweet moment since I instantly fell in love with the show, but I had the opportunity to keep the love alive with my Homemade Chuck from Pushing Daisies Halloween Costume.

The main female character in the show, Charlotte Charles a.k.a. “Chuck” is an adorable girl who wears old school dresses, works in her friend Ned’s pie shop: The Pie Hole, and is dead, sort of (you’ll have to see the show to really understand that part). This costume was a little expensive but I don’t regret buying all the pieces for a second because I still wear every one.

A few weeks before Halloween I found the cutest 50’s style dress with a yellow daisy print (along with 3 other adorable dresses) for half off at a local clothing shop, only $20.00 each. I decided my dress needed a crinoline underskirt to make it poofy and bought a very nice one with a lace trim online. It was a little expensive, about $60.00 but it’s high quality and I still wear it with my dresses to church.

I also had 2 other great finds online. You can’t really see it in the pictures, but I’m wearing a cute giant daisy and plumeria hair clip. What you also can’t really see in the picture is the earnings I found: lemon meringue pie slices with little white daisy beads. (It must have been divine intervention, daisies and pie in the same piece of jewelry; I think it was made just for my costume.)

For the finishing touch I decided to make a nametag. Some people might consider this a cop out, but I thought it would help my fellow party-goers to identify me as Chuck, at least the cool people who have seen the show. I simply printed off a logo of The Pie Hole, a logo of the show Pushing Daisies, and the name Chuck. I glued them all together, laminated it, and taped a safety pin to the back: instant nametag.

Only about 5 people recognized me as Chuck, but I don’t care. I looked cute as a button and still enjoy all the pieces of my costume (individually of course).

Homemade Chuck from Pushing Daisies Halloween Costume

Homemade Chuck from Pushing Daisies Halloween Costume

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