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Coolest Homemade Charlie Chaplin Costume

For my son, Robbie’s 3rd Halloween, I decided that he would make a cute Charlie Chaplin. The men in my husband’s family are known for their big dark eye brows, much like Chaplin’s. I knew I had to get a few things right – his mustache, suit, and hat.

After buying a suit, I folded in and pinned the bottom hem. Robbie wore a loose neck tie and his cuffs undone well past the jacket sleeves. I painted on a mustache with waterproof liquid eyeliner and darkened his eyebrows with black mascara. If he had been a little older and squirmed around less, I would have attempted eyeliner around his eyes, but there was no use in even trying.

I couldn’t find a bowler hat small enough; however, I did find a derby and no one knew the difference. Lastly, I cut and painted a candy cane yard ornament for the cane. He made the cutest 2 year old Charlie Chaplin!

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  1. What a cute idea! Little Charlie Chaplin is so adorable and cute. Congrats on putting together a really one of a kind costume. The child can move around very easily and safely, while still looking great!! Love it!


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