Coolest Homemade Charlie Chaplin Costume

Homemade Charlie Chaplin Costume

For my son, Robbie’s 3rd Halloween, I decided that he would make a cute Charlie Chaplin. The men in my husband’s family are known for their big dark eye brows, much like Chaplin’s. I knew I had to get a few things right – his mustache, suit, and hat. After buying a suit, I folded … Read more

Coolest Paul Bunyan Homemade Halloween Costume Idea

Paul Bunyan Homemade Halloween Costume Idea

As a child, my favorite Walt Disney Short was Paul Bunyan. My one year old, Cash is a lot like Paul Bunyan, just in a little baby body! He is super playful, strong, and independent. I debated how I was going to do Babe The Blue Ox. I searched for a stuffed or toy ox. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Strongman Costume

Homemade Strongman Costume

I thought of dressing my son, Robbie, as a strong man for Halloween shortly after he was born. However, I knew I had to wait patiently for him to be able to walk. I knew the costume would not be as cute as possible unless he was walking and able to take direction to hold … Read more