Coolest Paul Bunyan Homemade Halloween Costume Idea

As a child, my favorite Walt Disney Short was Paul Bunyan. My one year old, Cash is a lot like Paul Bunyan, just in a little baby body! He is super playful, strong, and independent. I debated how I was going to do Babe The Blue Ox. I searched for a stuffed or toy ox. I thought I would spray paint it blue. However, I could not find one. I decided to paint Babe on foam board and have my husband or myself just hold it for Cash.

Cash’s costume was pretty easy to put together – flannel shirt and jeans. I just needed to find a beanie and suspenders that were infant size. I also had to find an ax for him to hold. Luckily, those are easy to find during Halloween! Lastly, he needed a beard. I painted that on with some brown makeup. Cash didn’t really want to hold the ax and he hated the hat, (well, he hates all hats) but he loved all the attention!

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