Coolest Homemade Catwoman Costume

This is the Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman Costume I created. And although the process was lengthy and a bit annoying, it was still pretty enjoyable in the end because Selena Kyle makes her catwoman costume herself in the Batman Returns movie which made me even more like her which was pretty cool and I got a ton of compliments!

The things I bought:
Pair of high heel black boots, white out, black “liquid” “leather look” leggings, black electrical tape, white makeup, red lipstick, black garbage bags, and rubber gloves.

Basically I put on the leggings, boots, then wrapped myself tightly with a garbage bag. Then taped it around tight to shape it right.

Drew/Painted them on the black tape wrapped around in the same patterns Selena does in the film.
*TIP* to not ruin your leggings, make sure to draw the stitches on black tape and put that over the leggings like I did.

Wrap the rubber gloves in black tape. Then cut out long fingernail shapes from a sturdy paper colored silver (pencil), and secure those on with tape.

This was the most tricky to get the right shape and whatnot. Started out with garbage bag to shape on my head and cut it out to look like hers, then i wrapped the whole thing in black tape to make it sturdy. Then for the ears it was just layered black tape.

White face paint from a Halloween kit, then to make it stay on used a super light powder. Hot red lipstick with lipliner, And then dark blue & black heavy eyeshadow and mascara.

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Catwoman Costume”

  1. i really want to do this- i got to figure out how to reproduce the whole thing without messing up your directions. did you have to cut yourself out or could you wear the costume again?

  2. Yea you pretty much have to do it the day/night you want to wear it and give yourself a few hours minimum to put it all together. I wanted to wear it twice so I had someone cut a straight line down the back so I could get out of it. Then I saved it for the next night and got back in and taped it up!


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