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Coolest Homemade Cat Woman and Robin Lego Minifig Costumes

My idea for this Halloween was Lego themed. So we decided on a Homemade Cat Woman and Robin Lego Minifig Costumes. I got the inspiration from your site.

The Lego heads were first. I used foam board, cereal boxes and freezer paper. I cut out a circle to fit mine and my husbands head and used the cereal boxes to give support to the top and bottom of the Lego head. The wax paper was to cover up the cereal boxes and give me an easier time painting the face. Lego Robins hair was drawn out and painted black, took me a few trial and errors to get it just right, then I painted it black.

Cat Womens mask was made out of 2 black poster boards and painted over with a gloss. The eyes were made out of mesh from my sons old baby gate, painted and tape.

The bodies were made out of a large cardboard box I got at Menards. I fitted it to our frame and taped together then paper mached the tape to be easier to paint. Then I drew the body and painted it.

Robins green outfit and yellow cape where bought at the second hand store. I already had black leggings and long sleeve black shirt.

These costume took 2 weekends to make, had so much fun making and wearing.

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32 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Cat Woman and Robin Lego Minifig Costumes”

  1. This has got to be the coolest most creative handmade costume I’ve seen yet!!!! This is why you were so busy the month of OCT!!!! I love it…

  2. These costume are Beyond Awesome !!!!!

    Great job Mayra, The costumes look WONDERFUL !
    It takes a lot of time , creativity and talent !
    to make great costumes such as these.

    You ROCK MAYRA !!!!=)


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