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Coolest Homemade Care Bear Couple Costume

This Homemade Care Bear Couple Costume was my solution to the shapeless maternity costume options out there. I knew I wanted to do something comfortable (because I was 6 months pregnant) but I didn’t want to be a huge hamburger or something like that. The best part was that after I saw my husband in the “Grumpy Bear” costume, I broke down in hysterics and couldn’t stop laughing for several minutes (there are photos of my reaction actually…he somehow knew that it was going to break me!)

I got some cheap Hanes sweat suits and one white sweat shirt to cut up for the belly front. The tummy picture image was done on my computer with iron on t-shirt transfers. I got $2 earmuffs and dismantled them…then sewed the “ear” back on in the bear-like fashion. The whole thing took an evening to complete once I got the idea down.

I highly recommend doing this to anyone who just wants to be warm and comfy…and get lots of smiles from anyone who sees you.

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