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Coolest Homemade Candy Costume

Here is my little girl with her homemade candy costume. Made with tape and cellophane.

I used a big ball, the kind you sit on, and I covered it with saran wrap to protect it. Then, I put some tape more than you can imagine. When it was thick, I cut it and I took off the ball.
Covered it with pink cellophane and made holes for the arms.

This homemade candy costume was light, comfortable and very original. Everybody was saying how they want to eat her! hahaha

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6 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Candy Costume”

  1. I absolutely love this idea… Just wandering roughly how much did the entire costume cost to make? I would love to make my little girls candy for Halloween. Thanks a bunch

  2. I am an adult, and I made the costume for myself. I used about 200 feet of cellophane and about three rolls of packing tape. It altogether cost about $15 and it turned out awesome! I did purple… I’m hoping to win the Halloween costume contest!


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