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Coolest Homemade Cake and Cupcake Halloween Costumes

This is how I made these Homemade Cake and Cupcake Halloween Costumes.

Cake :

materials :
– insulating foam (about 1/4-inch-thick)
– cardboard
– masking tape
– pink & yellow creep paper
– white glue
– empty toilet paper roll

how to make:
1. cut a piece of cardboard a little bit wider than your child’s shoulder
2. draw a smaller circle in the cardboard making sure your child’s head can fit, cut the hole out.
3. cut the insulating foam about a foot high but the same size as the circumference of the cardboard circle
4. place masking tape to be able to attach it to the cardboard
5. tape down all the way around to make the first tier of the cake
6. make a hole just enough for your child’s arms
7. repeat for the second tier making sure the size is bigger this time and tape it to the 1st tier.
8. wrap the top portion of the 1st & 2nd tier with creep paper
9. to finish, wrap the empty toilet paper roll with pink paper and add the yellow paper on top to serve as a flame.

Cupcake :

materials :
– old laundry basket
– baby blanket
– corrugated board
– glue
– strings
– strips of art paper
– 1 red christmas ball

how to make :
1. cut out the bottom part of the laundry basket
2. place strings on the basket that will serve as a suspender (so your child could wear it)
3. wrap the basket with corrugated board
4. use old baby blanket to serve as the icing of the cupcake
5. sew strips of art paper on top of the blanket so it would look like sprinkles
6. to finish, attach a red Christmas ball on a headband (for the cherry).

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