Here is an adult Homemade Buzz Lightyear Halloween Costume. The base of the upper body is a trash can which I cut with a razorblade. On top of the trash can I sculpted the armor with cardboard and duct tape. When I had the desired shape I covered everything in masking tape so I could paint it.

The large red button on the armor is made from a red plastic cup. I then used a battery operated candle to light up the cup. The purple strips on the lower part of the upper body are made from foam which I cut to the desired shape and attached with duct tape and then covered once again with masking tape. The gloves I created using dishwashing gloves and cups from Subway which I painted.

The bicep bands I created using foam sheets. The bands around the waist are insulation but could also be made with pool noodles. I put wire through the hollow center in the insulation in order to attach it to make it a circle so it would stay up. The wings are made from cardboard and I used brads to make them retractable.