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Coolest Homemade Bun in the Oven Pregnant Couple Costume

Halloween is our favorite holiday! My husband and I have been dressing up and celebrating the joyous tradition for the past 5 years together. We’ve made our costumes instead of buying for a couple of reasons; 1.To save money and 2. It helps us be creative and wear unique attire. We begin planning our costumes months in advance, however this year was different…

On October 4th, we discovered that we are pregnant with our first baby. This happy surprise has drastically changed our costume designs for this year! We made a Homemade Bun in the Oven Pregnant Couple Costume. We spray painted a moving box silver, cut three holes in it for my head and arms, added a back splash, used pipe cleaner for the burners, wooden knobs to the front and added a hand painted bun to complete my part of the costume.

My husband, Dan, borrowed a chef’s hat to wear with an apron filled with a wooden spoon, whisk and oven mitt. To complete his look, he covered his face in flour as he is the baker who put the bun in my oven!

Spray Paint = $5.00
Pipe Cleaner = $2.00
Chef Hat = Borrowed from a friend
Moving Box = free
Having a Bun in my Oven = Priceless!

As you can tell, we look forward to Halloween each year. Now considering the new adventures in our lives to come, we could really use some diaper money!

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  1. We had friends that did the same idea…they made a clear oven door and she actually painted her 7 month pregnant belly to look like a cinnamon roll! They were the hit of the party!


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