I loved the idea of being a “Bun in the Oven” for my Halloween costume, but, being only 16 weeks along, I didn’t have a very big “bun” yet.

Still, I wanted to do something fun since I hadn’t been pregnant during Halloween for my first child! So I grabbed my favorite apron, printed off a color picture of bread baking in the oven, and typed up baking instructions (Bake with Care! Cook Time Remaining 24 weeks, Expect Finished Bun in Mid-April). I laminated the bread picture and baking instructions, and then stapled them onto my apron. (Hmmm, hope I can pull those off again!)

Then I bought a cheap Chef’s hat at a local party store, and brought a few baking spoons with me to parties and trick-or-treating. Voila!

Total Homemade Bun in the Oven Halloween Costume Cost: $2.99 (chef’s hat), $1.98 (color printing).